May Updates: Book Club and YouTube Author Page

Hello everyone!

April was a busy time for me – I got a lot of writing done, and I got a lot of great new things started for my brand. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have started an author channel on YouTube, where you can find videos meant to help writers find advice and inspiration. I am looking to add video book reviews to the channel moving forward as well, so stay tuned for that!

One of my favorite new additions to the Jessica A. Scott author “brand,” though, is the book club I started on Facebook, called Indie Eden. This book club is for indie and self-published authors who want to share their books with other readers, and for readers who want to discover some great new writers. Every two weeks we will be reading a new indie book and sharing our thoughts on it, as well as anything else that comes to mind. It is sure to be a great environment for readers and writers alike, so feel free to check it out here!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you’ll take advantage of some of my new ideas. Talk to you soon! :)

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